Hey, I'm Motoko. Nice to meet you.

I ventured out to Australia on my own from Japan when I was 19. I cried like a baby when I spilled the special shampoo mum gave me on a stranger's bed – in my host-family’s house. I didn’t know how to explain what happened in English.

At 23, I regularly ate a whole 250g Cadbury chocolate block in one sitting, then a whole pack of Tim Tams. Another day it was a Big Mac, large fries, with a thick shake, AND THEN a full 1L tub of caramel ribbon ice cream. I liked finishing what I started. I was conquering a lot of packs and tubs, but of course, that added to my waistline and moon-face.

I was miserable, fat, disgusted by my own choices & how I looked.

One day I had enough and went to a weight loss clinic, finding a flyer in the letterbox (no internet back then!). I took the tram to the clinic, they asked me “Are you depressed because of your weight?” and I said YES, not knowing what that meant.

And this doctor prescribed me Prozac. This drug comes with serious side effects such as “memory problems, confusion, hallucinations, skin rashes that spread, fainting, seizure, shallow breathing or breathing that stops”… Breathing that stops. Oh, dear.

My Nutrition Education Background

Long story short, I educated myself by going to a Natural Health College, which changed how I look at food, my body, mind and emotions. I’ve kept the extra kilos off for over 15 years through sustainable habit changes that are actually enjoyable.

I now share what I’ve learned on this website, in my private mind-body nutrition coaching sessions, and on my Instagram @MokoToko.Star.

I have a diploma of health science in nutrition, a Functional Nutrition Consultant qualification with a postgraduate in Microbiome Course (from the Nutrition Academy), as well as a postgraduate tertiary degree in early education, plus seven years of toddler teaching experience.

In 2023, I’ve added to this Mind-Body Nutrition & Eating Psychology Coach Certification because we ALL know what we should eat... but we don’t do what we should because of what goes on in our minds and hearts.

My thirst for knowledge and drive for figuring out how stuff works – means that YOU get to read short-ish blog posts on simple, easy, proven recipes for doing things better, and feeling better – without reading a whole book yourself.

My Favourite Wellness Tools

I’ve tried MANY supplements and natural remedies. Wasted a LOT of money too. dōTERRA oils are the most effective and useful plant extracts money can buy. For me, nothing else works as well as my oils do. They’ve worked for me since 2013. I’m SURE they will help YOU too.

I'm a customer first, for over TEN years, and I sell them too.

It's 2024 - the future is here. So is inflation. Could you use extra cash promoting things you already love? If curious, drop me a line on email or Instagram DM.

I believe real change comes from true self-care – Not calorie counting, stressing over what you eat, or exercising because you have to. Essential oils help with true self-care. There’s SO much you can do with them for physical, mental and emotional health… And it starts with ONE bottle. One drop. One day at a time.

But obviously, rolling oils on your wrist isn’t going to “fix” you or me miraculously.

My health and happiness took an upward turn when I started to appreciate my body truly and how wonderfully made it is. How much it does for me every day without me even noticing, and knowing that it was a GIFT and I had to treasure it… AKA: Self-respect and appreciation.

My Beliefs & How I can help YOU

I had NO self-respect when I was scoffing down enormous amount of cheap chocolate and ice cream. My busy mind, critical self-talk, and the belief that I didn’t matter, made sure I was put down all. the. time (by me, in my head), and kept in a dark place.

Honestly, and literally, I didn’t care about me.

I still slip back into that familiar place, from time to time, but now I have a loving Aussie husband who reminds me how much I am loved. The medicinal-quality essential oils I diffuse in my home and apply to my skin keep me positive mentally, emotionally, and feeling well, physically.

Self-respect drives you to self-care and self-love. True self-love naturally motivates you to look after yourself with delicious, wholesome homemade food, fresh, clean water, movement, mind-work, boundaries within your personal environment, sleep, support network and supplementation.

Because if you believe you aren't worth all that, you will not do them consistently. Or even begin.

I hope what I place on these pages will inspire you to take better care of YOU – ALL of you, heart, spirit, mind, and body, and those who depend on you, including your fur/feather babies.

If you are ready to work with me, send me a message!


Functional Nutrition Consultant & Mind-Body Nutrition Coach

doTERRA certified essential oil specialist & Wholesome Food Advocate

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