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I have spent a FORTUNE searching for natural, low-tox products that work. Here are some brands that I use and trust after lots of reading and trying. A few of them come with a tiny kickback to me. Most of them, I just love recommending because they are doing such good work in the world, they work, and I want them to reach more people!

Let me start with the two things (EDUCATION!) that made the biggest difference in my life though.

Education - Nutrition Trainings

The Nutrition Academy Review - Functional Nutrition and Microbiome Course

(AUD$100 off discount code below)

The Nutrition Academy (TNA) - 100% online, self-paced Functional Nutrition Course I did in 2021-22. This will teach you how to discern what's true and what's not whenever you hear something new about human nutrition, food, diets, supplements etc... You learn HOW to find reliable information from trustworthy sources. The history of nutrition (how things became how it is now) is VERY important to know before you start learning about new fads and legit discoveries.

I HIGHLY recommend you take this course FIRST if you are considering becoming a Nutritionist through a University (I did it the other way... don't do what I did. BiG $$$ Mistake). You are also introduced to a dozen experts in the field (nutrition and other areas of wellness) who are doing amazing work through each module's introduction interview/talk.

Honestly, I can listen to Cyndi and her friends ALL DAY.

A notable perk for taking this course is that Cyndi (founder) runs monthly student webinars where you can ask questions about contents or any complex world events happening right now (and how they relate to food, health and nutrition) even after you graduate. You get the recording if you can't attend live. AND it won't be at 2am if you live in Australia, like most other US-based courses.

When you enrol, make sure you use my $100 OFF discount code (even when they are doing a sale) - MOTOKO100

IF you have ANY questions about this course - please DM me and I'll help you decide. I do get a referral commision but I will recommend against it if I don't think it fits your needs.

I will write a full review about this course, pro/cons, my experiences and all that, soon.

Mind-Body Eating Coach Certification at The Institute for the Psychology of Eating

($500 off discount code details below)

Institute for the Psychology of Eating (IPE) - Mind-Body Eating Coach Certification Training - 100% online, mind-blowing course I finished in June 2023. TNA course above did not touch on HOW to talk to clients, what questions to ask, or how to coach, AT ALL. TNA course was purely about food. That's why I needed another qualification to confidently coach someone to make sustainable lifestyle and food choice changes that create results.

You have to apply to be accepted into the course. It runs twice a year, and it is time-bound (eg. online test due by a certain date for each module). The content is MEATY. It assumes pre-existing nutrition knowledge, so this is not the first course you should take if you are new to the field of Nutrition.

There are 250 hours of lectures that Marc David teaches himself. I have had countless lightbulb moments about my food habits and how I relate to food.

I will write a full review on IPECC (Institute for the Psychology of Eating Coaching Certification) soon, but in the meantime, please know my DMs are wide open for a gazillion questions (because you SHOULD ask questions before embarking on such a big investment).

Get an info pack here - Or talk to a course consultant on Zoom like I did.

When you are accepted and decide to enrol, please use my referral link below.

Do NOT be shy about asking questions (I get a commission, so I am happy to help you decide & tell you the whole truth).

I'm like Phoebe Buffay - I don't enjoy dirty money that's not mine. So I will never say what I don't believe, just to get you to enrol into this big commitment of a course (both financially and time-wise).

Literally anything and everything, AND REMEMBER to ask me for the USD$500 OFF discount code

(I'm not allowed to put it here in public - sorry)

IF you have ANY questions about this course - please DM me and I'll help you decide honestly x

Low-tox Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry & Body/Skin Care

If something I need is available at doTERRA, I get it from them because I trust their uncompromising standards in sustainable & ethical sourcing, quality & purity testing, and efficacy (they WORK). I've been buying from them monthly (so I get points for free oils) since 2013.

Things I BUY from doTERRA:

- Shampoo/Conditioner, hair serum, body wash, bar soap (for husby), deodorant.

- Dishwashing liquid, multi-purpose cleaning sprays (glass, bathroom and kitchen), handwash concentrate, laundry and dishwasher powder

- Liquid cleaning concentrate that makes everything from multipurpose spray (dilute) to laundry stain remover (use neat).

- Skincare - Verage line for face, body butter and scrub, Coconut oil for aromatic dressing*

- Supplements - LLV pack (I don't catch anything when I'm on them), digestive enzymes, and greens powder (I drink this every morning, with apple cider vinegar to keep my blood sugar balanced all day)

- Essential oils for immunity, sleep, skin repair, anti-aging, bone/muscle support, and emotions

- Collagen sachets with NINE types of collagen peptides that help your skin, hair, nails, lashes AND internal tissues including your gut lining and joints, in ONE stick. This product won the BEST collagen product of 2023.

Diffusing oils daily will CHANGE your life, especially if you have children who come home with bugs.

Things I get for FREE with points from doTERRA:

- Floral pure-fume oils - Jasmine, Rose, and Magnolia

- Frankincense - for EVERYTHING.

- Anti-aging oils - florals, Frankie, Salubelle and YARROW POM (add to my moisturiser at night)

- Essential oils for *aromatic dressing - a squirt of fractionated coconut oil mixed with a few drops of essential oils... rub all over the body. Morning and Night. This habit makes me aware of my body and grateful for it for that day's work... Massage will keep the lymph moving too.

Contact me if you want doTERRA products I can custom make a starter pack for your SPECIFIC needs and BUDGET, and plug you into a VAST library of resources (videos, audio, eBooks on how to live a healthier life in ALL areas) that should be a paid membership but is FREE for my customers.

If you prefer to read about doTERRA here's my old website link x

Discounted Healthy Groceries - Part and Parcel Review

Part & Parcel - Online Shop for everything health-food but ALWAYS 25-25% OFF

Buying additive-free, good, unprocessed packaged groceries and snacks isn't cheap. But when you plan well and shop from places like Part & Parcel, you can make it affordable.

Using my link gives you $15 OFF your first shop (and me some store credit... I think?)

You do need to be a member (annual fee) but you would honestly make that back in the first order.

The best & cutest sustainable cups & water bottles

Luxey Cup - Beautiful Happy Juice cup, plastic-free and fits in the car cup holder.

Only sharing because I want the store credits to buy more colours for me x

This link will give you 15% off :D

YETI - Stainless Steel Water Bottles - THE BEST I've had.

You can put your whole hand in to scrub the insides, and the closure is interchangeable between straw, chug cap (for when you are thirsty) and sip cap (for hot drinks). So you invest in one bottle and use it in three ways. It's genius. AND the bottle is dishwasher-safe. AND it doesn't scratch (I look after it though). Just wish they came in prettier colours personally...

Low-tox Make up - Inika and Eye of Horus Review

Foundations, cheeks & eye shadows - Inika Organics

Mascara/brows & eye shadows - Eye of Horus

Yes, they are high-end price-wise, so I only buy them when they do a sale and stock up for the year (Black Fridays are good most years). My fav is Inika's matte primer + powder foundation (Trust) + quad palettes. Then I use mascara and brow gel from Eye of Horus. EoH eye palette is beautiful & sustainable but impractical. It is 100% made of metal, and it's HEAVY. You don't want to be carrying that around while travelling. The shadows themselves are gorgeous, though. I'm newly converted my mascara to ILIA... AMAZING.

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