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doTERRA essential oils are NOT just for pretty smells.

These conveniently compact and portable, incredibly effective and easy-to-use therapeutic-grade plant extracts* can enhance your wellness DAILY.

Supporting physical, emotional, mental and environmental health and vitality for EVERYONE with a heartbeat.

(YES, that includes your fur & feather babies!)

*Essential oils are literally a whole extract of plants' immune system, taken from their flowers, seeds, roots, leaves, stems and bark. The chemical constituents in them help the plants to fend off predators and pests, repair physical damage, protect the plant from the elements, and some even attract pollinators, ensuring the plants' survival and continued living. Many are naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal and/or antiviral.

Our bodies were created - so were plants and the planet they grow on. These pure plant extracts can talk to our bodies (they speak the same language). Integrating them into our lives daily is such a simple, easy, low-cost thing you can do for your wellness - with very little time investment. A single drop can go a long way (and there are 250 drops in one 15ml bottle!).

Do YOU have too much...

  • Stress - real or imagined
  • Airway issues
  • Tummy issues
  • Skin problems
  • Muscular soreness and stiffness
  • Brain not working like it should
  • Feeling flat and blah for too long too often
  • Grumpy grumps for no good reason
  • Monkey mind keeping you up all night
  • Catching every germ like you are the best goalkeeper around


Do YOU want more...

  • Body energy & healthier body
  • Calm brain energy and focus
  • Happier more often - better mood - for no reason
  • Healthier skin - hair - lashes - nails - top to toe
  • Slower aging - inside and out
  • Easier breathing and cleaner air
  • Easier digestion & natural support for occasional tummy problems
  • Better sleep and more calm
  • Quicker recovery & more fun
  • Easier simpler way to keep yourself younger & healthier for longer

If you ticked any of these above - you need doTERRA's essential oils in your life.

I've been using doTERRA oils since 2013. Their many wellness products are my BIGGEST hack to living a low-tox wellness life that's convenient and simple.

It saves me money, time and effort because:

- I don't have to check ingredients (they have a HIGH standard that they promise to keep for the whole range)

- I earn points on EVERY order, which I use to redeem luxurious essential oils that I'd rather not pay for

- My box arrives at my doorstep with free shipping monthly*

- I never run out of things I use and rely on daily

*NOTE: You are NOT locked into or forced into monthly ordering, EVER.

But you can CHOOSE to order monthly IF you WANT a convenient, easy way to replace products you already use around the house/bathroom/kitchen that you ALREADY buy from the supermarket (which, by the way, are lower quality, less clean and possibly bad for you AND more expensive now and later in medical bills).

I buy everything for our house from doTERRA and get points so that my husband won't complain about me spending $$ on my luxurious skincare or clean perfume x

Essential Oils are not all created the same. doTERRA's oils are the most tested and trusted quality. So much so they use them in hospitals now. SO MANY medical studies are done using doTERRA's oils because most other companies make oils that have impurities, contaminants, pesticides and fillers, even ones with "organic" on the label. If you've "tried essential oils and it didn't work" you haven't tried doTERRA. I really mean that.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it... which one would you like?

Most Popular EO Starter Pack

The Home Essentials Starter Pack


- FREE Wholesale Account

(dōTERRA oils + products at 25% off for 12 months)


- Lemon 15mL - Peppermint 15mL - Frankincense 15mL - Tea Tree 15mL - Eucalyptus 15mL - Easy Air® 15mL - Balance Grounding Blend 15mL - ZenGest® 15mL - On Guard® 15mL - Lavender 15mL - Fractionated coconut oil


ADD a diffuser if you don't have one at home.

I promise you, you'll want one in every room.

Start using up what you have for cleaning your house & yourself - so you can replace them with doTERRA's range for cleaning/bath/kitchen and laundry products. Things you put on your skin & environment can influence your health heavily because you breathe it in 24/7.

Simple Supplementation Pack

MetaPWR Starter Pack


- FREE Wholesale Account

(dōTERRA oils + products at 25% off for 12 months)


- MetaPWR Active Blend 15mL

- MetaPWR Advantage Sachets - MetaPWR Assist tablets - the bestselling doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack (Supplements - all 30days' supply)


The smartest customers get a set of oils first (starter packs are HEAVILY discounted), then they buy this set the following month to start on overall wellness (and collect points for more oils later).

Consider adding a laundry detergent to your cart - fragrance in clothes/linen/PJs can affect your sleep and overall wellness because you breathe it in 24/7.

Emotional Wellness Starter Pack

with a Diffuser


- FREE Wholesale Account

(dōTERRA oils + products at 25% off for 12 months)


- Lavender Peace™ Restful Blend 15mL - Adaptiv™ Tranquil Blend 15mL - Balance Grounding Blend 15mL - Citrus Bliss Invigorating Blend 15mL - Clementine essential oil 15mL

with - Petal Diffuser 2.0


Start using up what you have for cleaning your house & yourself - so you can replace them with doTERRA's cleaning/bath/kitchen and especially laundry products. Things you put on your skin & environment can influence your mood heavily because you breathe it in 24/7.

Ready to order? How to get started:

Step 1: Go to this LINK -

Step 2: Select your Language & Country of Residence

Step 3: Choose Wholesale Customer (IMPORTANT)

Step 4: Select the starter pack you want

Step 5: At Enroller ID, check that 15592410 is displayed, then click verify. It should show my name: Motoko Stearnes

Step 6: Enter your shipping and payment info

Step 8: Process your order!

+ I’ll see you in your inbox with info on how to join our customer support FB/IG groups and private website FULL of education on essential oils and beyond!

Exclusive customer perks you get when you purchase your kit through me:

Exclusive + private customer Instagram account and Facebook Group ‘Grounded Health Club’.

Includes Q&A, reels, tutorials and help to get started and use your oils and all the healthy lifestyle products.

Please request access via me (I'll email you about it though) on my IG account DM.

Exclusive Membership website that includes important wellness topics that cover many more areas of health than oils, like nutrition and cooking, frugal living, women's, children’s and pets' health, low-tox living, pregnancy, and more.

You'd be paying many many $$$ to access this alone - yours free for being our customer x

Exclusive 10-day Oil Camp online immersion (A super simple, day to day lessons on getting started with the top ten oils) and/or GlowUp wellness program, for FREE. These run every few months and you'll be notified by email and via the FB/IG groups before they start so you can get ready and participate when/if you can!

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